Cosmopolitan Lemon – Freelance Advertising Professionals.

We are not an advertising agency. We are a small team of experienced freelance advertising professionals. We work both individually or collectively for advertising agencies. We also work directly with some clients in need of affordable advertising and marketing solutions. The team consists of a copywriter, an art director, a graphic designer, a website developer, a multimedia guru and a strategist. The work you can see here is work done by the copywriter.

The work was conceived and produced in some cases for well- known agencies. In other cases, it was commissioned directly by the relevant companies. We are available individually or as a team on a freelance or project driven basis at competitive rates. We have all won awards for advertising campaigns, for copy writing, for art direction and for craftsmanship. The art director’s work, as well as this work can be viewed by clicking on the YouTube links.

Our experience extends through above-the-line advertising to below the line advertising to digital campaigns and experiential marketing. Having many years of experience in the advertising industry, we also have a very solid network of related suppliers. For instance, for television and radio and print production we have partners who offer us significantly preferential rates. The same is true for digital and multimedia channels.

Our philosophy as a group is simple. We don’t have one. Every brand has its own essence of truth and we seek to channel and dramatise that truth to the best of our abilities. Every agency too has its own unique approach to communication problem solving. We adapt and fit in to that approach.

If you like some of the work that you see, just send us an e-mail or give us a call and we can have a chat about whatever it is you are looking for.